Meet the team

The team is me. It's a one-man show performed by a multiple personality disorder-stricken, enthusiastic, sometimes chaotic, but always friendly guy in his mid-fifties, who loves to play golf and help his clients. Featuring, in no particular order of appearance:


Owner & CEO

Extremely curious about all things internet-ish. Setting the course and trying to decide what to do next.


Chief Ideas Officer

Absorbing ideas from all kinds of sources comes naturally, I'm a sponge. And I will try to come up with a few for you, too.


Sales & Marketing

Someone's got to get his hands dirty and do the actual work, right? That's me. Anything you need done, let me know.


Office & admin

I work very closely with Chris, our CEO. I make sure all the admin is taken care of. I'm in charge of coffee and tea, too.



It’s better to offer no excuse than a bad one.George Washington

I've seen it time and time again - people resorting to all kinds of schemes and finding excuses to cover up the mistakes they made. I vow not to do that. If I mess up (and being human, sooner or later that's bound to happen), I'll tell you straight. You are entitled to the truth and nothing but the truth - and we'll work it out.


One should use common words to explain uncommon things.Arthur Schopenhauer

This is high on the list, too. All too often people get lost in techno-speak that's hard to understand. I'll do my best to explain everything in plain everyday terms, so that we can get along with a good understanding of what we are doing together.


There’s no going back, and there’s no hiding the information. So let everyone have it.Andrew Kantor

I'm using tools that are cloud-based but sometimes offer the opportunity to be branded as my own. Whilst I may avail myself of the opportunity in a few cases, the brand names of all these tools will be mentioned on this website. You can always go and have a look at them for yourself and possibly even decide you don't want to work with me and do your own thing. I'm fine with that.

A few more guiding principles…

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.Oscar Wilde
Whatever you are, be a good one.Abraham Lincoln
There are two fools in every market. One charges too much, the other charges too little.Russian proverb


This is home. I was born here, and I (still) live here. I travelled the world and always came back here. It's where I will be working on your project if you decide to work with me.

  And why not? We may not be geographically close, but modern technologies make it possible to efficiently work on projects over great distances. You can call me, we can video-talk, and we can keep each other updated via e-mail and other means. As long as we remember that we may be in different time zones (and respect each other's night time), we'll be fine!