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Introduction to e-mail marketing: 8 reasons why you need it.

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We all know we have to keep in touch with our clients. They’re the lifeblood of our business, and without them, we fade. We do so because we want to increase awareness, drive revenue and profits, and boost repeat business.

Yet so many people are still using traditional email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or similar tools to reach out to their supporters. For the record – there’s nothing wrong with these tools, at all. But they were never designed to be used for mass mailings, and if you use them like that, you’re missing out on a few interesting features that will take your communication to the next level. Consider the benefits of using a specialized email tool like Constant Contact:

  1. your message (in the form of a newsletter) can be formatted to appear both in HTML or text version. This means the message will adapt itself to the settings of the person who receives it, leading to fewer bounces (refusals, or being sent to spam).
  2. Constant Contact provides hundreds of professionaly-designed newsletter templates, that you can tweak to be consistent with your brand. Moreover, you can design newsletter variants to be used for offers, reminders, announcements or updates – as you see fit. Something you just can’t do with regular email.
  3. You can segment your list to a much greater extent than you can do with Gmail or Outlook. If you need more than one or two different sets of subscribers (who may even be targeted with specific newsletter templates), then using a professional solution is the way to go.
  4. Professional campaign mail messages are also easier to share. Not only can you include links to that effect in your message, but you can also add links to your own profile pages on the social networks. Much more efficient!
  5. Tracking and reporting is another consideration. How many people opened your mail, who were they, how many times did they open it, what links did they click on, and did they perhaps forward it to a friend? Impossible to know with a standard email client, but standard metrics in Constant Contact. On top of that you get reports on bounces, spam, and opt-outs.
  6. Sending mass mailings with your standard email client could land you in trouble with spam. Professional businesses such as Constant Contact work with ISP’s (Internet Service Providers: organisations that provide services to access and use the internet) to establish their reputation for sending permission-based mails only.
  7. And that results in a 90%+ email delivery rate, compared to 70%+ if you’re using plain email. That may not look like a big difference, but can you afford to not reach a potential 20% of your prospects?
  8. Finally, you should also consider legal aspects. Constant Contact provides ways to be compliant with laws that require easy unsubscribe buttons and preference management, in addition to being able to offer double opt-in registrations, which are compulsory in some regions.

So, if you want to communicate professionally (and legally) to an interested audience that gave you their permission to send them your news, isn’t it time you started using a professional tool with a 44/1 ROI ratio?

Find out what CONSTANT CONTACT can do for you.

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