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Chrisbizz’s Facebook handle: meeting friends along the way.

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Early August 2016, and I’m hard at work developing Chrisbizz.com, in anticipation of official launch by early September.  Figuring out the stucture, the navigation, looking at design elements and safety, making sure the SEO is taken care of , selecting pictures, preparing blog categories and posts, and so on… quite a few things on my plate.

Updating my profile on LinkedIn: check.

Setting up my Facebook page: check.  Add the products.  Add a newsletter subscription page.  Change its generic name to facebook.com/chrisbizz – heck, that name is taken.  Panic.  Will I have to use another name, and forget about being consistent across the channels I will use?

So next thing that happens, I sent a message to the owner of the chrisbizz handle.  It’s a gentleman who lives in Clayton, NC, and who goes by the name of Chris Bizzell.  Obviously, with a name like that, it’s only natural he’s chosen chrisbizz as an extension, but who knows, perhaps he’s a nice guy and he won’t mind to change that name so I can have it.

Turns out he is (a nice guy) and he doesn’t (mind to change the name).  The reply I got was so good I want you to have a look at it:

Hello Chris. Since we’re both a part of the awesome group of people named Chris I do not mind changing my Facebook name for you. I will log on to my computer tonight and change it. Well wishes to you and your new business!

So I change the name of the Facebook page and can officially call it https://www.facebook.com/chrisbizz/

And what lessons do I take away from this episode?

  1. check on the domain name and the social media handles you want to use EARLY and make sure you can have the same across all the channels you want to use;
  2. you will meet nice people on your journey.

Chris B., thanks again, if you ever get to Belgium, beer’s on me!


  1. I am so happy that I could help you out! I am a teacher so naturally I love to help people! And same to you sir if you ever come to my part of America 🙂

  2. inspiring and motivating encounter! This will without any doubt influence my future contact with any Chris’s ?

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