Get yourself your very own ONLINE PRESENCE MANAGER!Christoffel Couck

Things I can do for you:

  • Your website

    For most businesses, a website is still their most precious online real estate. I will build yours, maintain it, make sure it’s safe, and develop it. I can work with WordPress, Weebly, Webnode, Onepager, Jimdo, Yola, Voog and Snappages – and you’re welcome to challenge me if you are using something else still.

    • If you already have a website that needs a little TLC, a make-over or a little bit of freshening up, that’s OK too. Just tell me what you need and to what extent you want it handled, and I’ll take it from there.

  • Mailings & newsletters

    A very important nr 2 on the list, that works hand in hand with your website. I can set you up with Constant Contact, Mailchimp or YMLP, depending on what your needs are. I can segment your lists, design your newsletters, and send your campaigns on your behalf.

    • If you are already set up with a mailing program, I can assist you on a project basis too if you prefer. You decide to what extent you want to involve me.

  • Online forms

    Sooner or later you’re going to need a form, other than your contact form. It could be a registration form, an application form, a request form, a feedback form… or any other type of form you can think of.

    • I mainly work with Wufoo and Jotform.
    • Forms can be embedded in your website, or they can be set up totally independent from it.
    • They can be programmed with all kinds of conditions, and they come with neat reply features and statistics.

  • Social media profiles & integration

    You know that you have to be socially present online as well. Depending on your market, your business, your location, your demographic, or a combination of all these factors, some channels may be more relevant to you than others. I can help you get set up where it’s needed, and make sure your brand is consistent everywhere.

    • If you’re already set up where you need it, I can help you maintain those profiles, or post content there for you (with a frequency to be agreed upon).

  • Event marketing

    This is making sure that your clients can sign up online for any event you’re organising (bear in mind this is not the same as event planning, I won’t be looking for adequate venues for you). What I will do is make sure you have a landing page with all the bells and whistles for your clients to sign up, pay, print their tickets, and follow up after the event.

I needed my webshop to be cleared of a few errors and Chris managed to iron out the main ones. I’m happy with that.Mike Kessels
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I needed an online form to tell me if certain applicants qualify for subsidies, and Chris arranged that for me. Very satisfied.Mieke De Vos
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Chris gave my website a much-needed make-over and I’m very happy with the result.Mieke Trombetta
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